As a team of transportation professionals, we invite you to join the North Carolina Limousine Association (NCLA). We operate our association to provide North Carolina Limousine Businesses with Education & Training, Networking, Vendor Discount Programs and National and Regional Representation.

NC Limo Association

NCLA News & Events

Stay connected with the NCLA. Visit our Online Calendar for the latest NCLA Events and special training sessions for NCLA Members. Get the latest industry and NCLA news.

NCLA - North Carolina Limousine Association

Vendor Discount Programs

The NCLA has brought vendor members to join our association for discounts to all operators who are current members. Insurance companies, marketing & printing, Website design & SEO, coach builders discounts, advertising and more. Through NCLA membership, you will receive special incentives and discounts that will help save!

NCLA Vendor Discount Program

Financial Protection

The largest accomplishment we have provided to our members and ALL operators in this state is profound. This gained us national attention. We Stopped A New Service Tax Proposed in 2009!

NCLA Financial Protection

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Education & Training:

NCLA Limousine Business Education

The NCLA offers the best training & education on all fronts relating to our industry. We host top level educational programs outside of the NLA training. Speakers from Limousine Digest, LCT, Internet marketers, insurance specialists, US DOT training & airport authorities , Tom Mazza & Charles Tenney.

Networking & Events:

NCLA Events

NCLA meetings for operators provide a local network and the opportunities to discuss best practices among NC transportation businesses. Our Web presence also provides members a place to connect and share ideas and resources. Make new friends and stay in the know.

Membership Advantages:

NCLA Memebrship Advantages
  • Vendor Discount Programs & Incentives
  • Networking & Affiliate Introductions
  • Special Industry Guest Speakers
    Powerful Education & Training Sessions
  • National & Regional Representation & More!

Serving North Carolina's Chauffeured Transportation Businesses

Networking | Education | Reform ..................................................... Operators in NC must band together. If we don't determine our own fate, someone else will do it for us!

NCLA Brochure DownloadThe North Carolina Limousine Association meets bi-monthly to help promote NC transportation business best practices, connect member businesses with other regional and national affiliate operators, offer business training insights through innovative speakers and industry top level achievers and provides an important centralized resource to fight for our local and national transportation business rights.

By joining the North Carolina Limousine Association today, you will discover how to maximize your business relationships, generate new profits through targeted markets and correspond with fellow North Carolina limousine businesses. The NCLA comes together to support our local and national voice within our industry. As a whole we are able to work along side local and national government agencies to promote our companies through fair business practices and promote reform measures.



NCLA Limo Digest Show 2010 - Best Display First Place!

Get Connected

If you are an NC operator or an affiliate operator looking to support the NCLA or a limousine and transportation supplier looking to join the NCLA we are excited to have you as a part of our dedicated team. Please download our PDF Membership Application.

If you have any questions or need more information regarding our association, please contact us at 910.409.4316 or email: info@nclimo.org.



The North Carolina Limousine Association is a chapter
of the National Limousine Association